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or living, corresponds with the supposed delivery of a suspected female. An
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the pedal differences between man and the lower forms are in accord-
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small quantities are capable of inducing physiological action, be of much less
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very clean, and that the inmates are fairly comfortable and
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this court of appeal — the publishers and their "dis-
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walking manifested itself, although sensation was not dis-
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fantry, C. S. A., in the Civil War, a member of the Confederate
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« Vide New York Medical Journal, June, 1877 ; vide, also, article by Dr. John Ash-
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front ; and found a rhonchus mixed with large crepitation
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ing some matter which is not without a considerable tinge
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son's in a former journal, relative to his own and Bichat's opi-
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tinued subsultus and tremors, and talked very incoherently, particularly
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along in the disease, this symptom is seldom seen in
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agent in yellow fever. Rep. Superv. Surg.-Gcn. Mar.
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the prol)able periostitis, repeated applications of
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amine the latter conveniently under a strong magnifying power.
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maintain, and he has to entertain largely, etc. We regard,
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a small liver, one of the most common forms of genuine cirrhosis of
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acts upon the system as blood poison. You can no more have small
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to me almost certain that the mere lines or extremely narrow
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plication" (von Noorden 20 ). Sir Edward Schafer writes as follows on
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greatly increased within the last two days past." — At New Orleans, from
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(Gyuakol., No. 91, 2281-2300 ). . Erfahrnngeu iiber
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ing statements as to the modes in which poisons act physio-

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