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15. Remarks on Cough. By Robert J. Gr.wes, M. D. — Permit, me, gentlemen,
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motions with his arms and had frequent muscular twitchings. There was
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from 44.5 per cent, to 3 per cent., while the polynuclears increased
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The senior contributor to this article became familiar w T ith the
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to the pressure of an internal accumulation, but has its seat on the
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siderable resistance was overcome the needle was steadily introduced
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argued that if her mother had not been compelled to take her abroad
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Dr. TM'itchell, happening to be in town, saw him with me. The Doctor advised
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ing from perforation into various viscera, the peritoneum, colon,
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for 1827 Another is described by M. Regnaud, in an interesting
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Concerning the Etiology of Hypertrophic Pulmonary Osteoarthropathy,
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temperature is not elevated a great deal. It is in the cases with high temperature
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factors as pain, hemorrhage, inflammatory reaction, and other
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he noticed at 11 o'clock that his feet were heavy. Gradually his legs and
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sion must very often be along the lymph channels causing the
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death, on the 14th of Nov. 1S34. Her trial came on during the se-
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then easily admit an uretlnal bougie of the largest size, being of less
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of cardiovascular stimulants on venous pressure with that on arterial
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a few drops of hydrochloric acid added, and set aside, in a few
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published in 1835. He ascertained, in the first place, that the peroxide was
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and hypertonia was not present. The patient was on a mixed
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the whole series. In speaking of the direction of the vessel, he adverted to
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but one hundred and thirty cases after two hundred and forty-four
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examination, high up beneath the adominal parietes, and contracted at its fundus
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mal. And again when the bismuth is expelled it may come in
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hours of the individual's life, will appear, in part, from the followins: abstract of
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from the opening with a whizzing sound, and at the same time the
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Frequent vomiting and anorexia from the same date. The cervical
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of every other country. To the branch of obstetrics not less attention has been
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It is needless to remark that the various steps in the process are
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Practice. By Evory Kennedy, M. D., Master of the Lying-in
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in the habit of drinking wine, was attacked with colic. His father, without the
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ants enjoy an exemption; and that yellow fever frequendy appears at Ireland
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cultivation of egoistic forms of love, which may indeed have an
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