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spread of the disease, that measles never occurs without a case huTtog

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hilus, while those of the upper pole empty themselves into the

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which the two grow'ths arise — the cord growth from a highly keratinized

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are appai*ent over at least a considerable area of the slide or

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directly to a lesion ; destroying the initial lesion in this way and

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she will pile up her nest and crawl into it, get herself out of sight if possible, and

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having the larger attendance, and the former presenting much the larger

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were relieved by glas^ses. He is now wearing Rt. prism 2°, base

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at the same time, to commend the method most earnestly to

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direction of the wind, a movable bent cowl, two feet six inches from

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very early in infantile scurvy, even before cardinal symptoms

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rhages. The pleura at the liase of the lower lobe, as well on the posterior

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cases. It was also described, with additional cases, in the Wiener rned.

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into the inferior vena cava. The chyle is thus not carried to the kidneys, but is

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demographic influences on baseline measures of disease severity.

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ber of the instances of glandular inflammation, the irritation that

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Oasb I. — ^Female, aged fifty-four years; housewifa

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not itself entirely sterile ; the most recent cases

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The principal period in the graph of amplitudes for Glasgow is one

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grain tablets of the thyreoid extract from the sheep, for the

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deplore, appointed, temporarily, some one to complete his term of the year, I notice laid on

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ing some matter which is not without a considerable tinge

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others may not do so for over two weeks, and some not at all. There

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that the treated animals were highly susceptible to a second inocula-

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marine corps has received syphilitic infection from a na-

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ety thereby is a member of the State Association and pays dues

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1861, iv, 103-110. — Oi (M.) I[The popular use, iu For-

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ment BUI to Friday week. He begged to move that they be

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namely — the history and origin of outbreaks of rabies, especially in the United

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He spoke against the smallness of the yards in most cities, and the

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Phenacetine greatly resembles acetanilide in its physi-

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the head of the child is crowded into the pelvis, the

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size of a walnut cut in half, situated in the axilla of the other

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