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of the danger attached to childbirth for the mother it is

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during the past quarter of a century. It is humiliat

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this more apparent than in the surgical treatment of

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The patient was conscious throughout the whole opera

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diagnosis is probable when we fimd the evidences of peritonitis pres

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by heat were saturated with the jius raicrococci or jequirity

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terior abdominal and external pudic the latter following down

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takes place especially in manure and fertilized soil.

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cells the nuclei which show marked sigms of degeneration as for

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be used in veterinary practice under five forms as pure powder

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ably increased the sensation of pricking had become extremely

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syphilitic it is certainly judicious to.suspect tliat lie

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From the Department of Pathology University of IVisconsin Madison

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In this case a claim should not be coded with both

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chest wall a dilatation may be simulated. Hoffmann believes that

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does not desire to make the culture for raising the quarantine

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some Additions and Revisions. With Three Hundred and

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To prevent this class of accident every stable door should

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swollen markedly erysipelatous face. His temperature was F. in

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The vein is exposed by lifting a fold of skin transversely

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talked about when little groups get together. The work

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is that his future acquaintances will long for his presence as

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disease. Other animals lived for over a year in which case the

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the urethra from which it proceeds inwards toward the blad

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throat infection is thus explained. Alderson also notes the relation

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the irritation in the Intlamed part. About the third or fourth day the

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are in most cases fatal. I have operated m. thirteen and three of

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are guided into the intracranial circulation under direct

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