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obliged to treat these patients in their homes depending upon the family for

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Treatment of Chronic Gonorrhoea," by Dr. Klotz, of New York ; " On

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In regard to the germ, whatever it may be, it must, at

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(2) By increasing the secretions (succus entericus) of the

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A second or short flexor splint is employed, just the same as

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the quartan parasite gives rise to — single, double, or

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males, 37. — Accident, 1 — anaemia, 2 — disease of the bladder, 1 — disease of the lirain, 3 — in-

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119. — Roosa (D. B. St. j.) Human eyes. In his: A

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thetic and live, if the operation should afterwards entail any suffering, which

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sulted, any more than we could discard opium for the

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ran through the left anterior lobe of the l>rain to the summit of the left

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ria,(M. G.) On epilepticinsanity. Am. J. Insan., Utica,

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grains ; Bicarbonate of Soda, 20 grains, and Calcined

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a dancing white light, apparently just on the borders of

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his wards within a short time— two of them in consequence of

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the paper it was announced that each of the following stores, in the order named,

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present day he said medical men were, for the most part, ig-

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general adaptation; but if the observers of ozone and its properties

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very remarkable; its introduction is a great public

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a position, nor have any alteration made in his existing contract

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clear liquor from the lower part of the vessel. This is supposed

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The city of Frankfort, Germany, affords a striking ex-

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tor of inebriate institutions. This inspector should be a qualified

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which are on the borderland of myxoedema is not so well known.

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recommendations as are necessary in the interest of the

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York Pathological Society ; American Microscopical Society

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the person is directed to hold his breath, making the thoracic

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first time there seemed to be significant support for this issue.

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save the individuality of the old place, and Dr Moir was only a few

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Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane 389 cases of insanity

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Symptoms and results. If on a mucous membrane or white

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at Excelsior Springs, but they were not recognized, and

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tained in this report. The Committee therefore pre-

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the amount of sugar are not large, but the increase of both is progressive

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night, show its appreciation from their point of view, and Mr. Mott's statistics

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banquets three times per day, and a neat financial income were essentials

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Reynolds, Francois H. K., and Hill, J. F. The production of antiserum

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