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FRIES BROS., Sole Manufacturers, 92 Reade St., NEW YORK.

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263, of whom 175 were under one year of age. The total

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pathetic story. Be it noted that in those cities the

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tensive and tedious dissection is required in an area

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eye, nodular syphilides ; primary, 1899; secondary, 1899.

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therefore, an infant loses its hearing before the fac-

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three and a half hours after the intravenous injec-

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tant part of the proceedings was the adoption of resolu-

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tical data to contradict the mayor on this last propo-

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ful resource that must be applied in many cases and

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ence on December 2d and 3d for the purpose of discussing

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bovine cultures, is specially recommended for cases

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solids, while bronze diabetes refers to a type with pigmentation

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Knox will deliver an address on the duty of a nation to

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edge no obligation to review them all. Nevertheless, so

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cosa must be looked upon, throughout its entire ex-

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2.30 a. m. Temperature, 100.2° F. ; pulse, no; respiration,

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present in this case, we tmfortunately had no knowl-

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the individuals there was a slight decrease in. the

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first, to cleanse thoroughly the lateral sinuses, giv-

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becoming very severe and extending from the site of in-

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duty at Chicago, 111., and directed to report at Bureau

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day, October 5th, Die Bedeutung des Amnion fiir die

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sected heart is really marvelous. By artificial per-

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1. Remarks on the Technique of Operations for Stone in

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Naval Hospital, Canacao, P. L, and ordered to duty at

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opposite view ; indeed, the critic was wise,, in a sense

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Through the Mists, a sort of historical fiction, by

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Henle and of the straight and collecting tubules were

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ficult to dissect out and in these cases it is necessary

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patches and eye lesions. Treatment: Injections every

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ascertain the bacterium responsible for the existing

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cleared up in a few days. He was given internally cal-

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arrived at, and prognosis given, by the physician in

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