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much to be desired. Under some certain circumstances it is

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completely removed ; and second, the difficulty of main-

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which could be placed the reliance of the profession more

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horny layer is absent. The specific character of the lesion is apparent

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8. Russell, A. S., Sturge, R. A. and Smith, M.A. Serum transami- 19.

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produce motion at the point of section, and thus pre-

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had been exercised in accurately suturing the divided structures,

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I heard no more of her till I saw the announcement of her

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anion with which the gelatin is in combination. It is shown that in

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the Surgeon-General of the Army, will report to the command-

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often be discovered upon careful search. Primary umbilication does not

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ogen (thrombosin), and thus gives rise to fibrin. Pekelhar-

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ment and bad none of the rational signs of phthisis

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takers, however, were apprehended in St. Louis, where, after

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first noticed a swelling in her abdomen, but supposed

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phobia in Paris had been said to be five ; after Pasteur's

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|| Listing of Medicaid providers in this “$100,000 +

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ture, which can be derived only from the testiuMy ^^ ^

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Erythema multiforme runs a benign course in the majority of

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treatment of the constitutional disease will become effective

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Hay fever and intermittent rhinorrhtea from the similarity of their

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monial wine figure the most frequently in his prescriptions. Direc-

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the capillar}' and vein hemoglobins begin to differ.

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These observers likewise examined about six hundred controls

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important cases is in the nature of an emergency opera-

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my paper to the consideration of its technique and effects upon the

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Mountains between the tropics, cold in proportion to their height 5, 6

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In opposition to the view of the spontaneous origin of

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If the truth must be told, it is that anatomy is one of the

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In febrile conditions, nothing is comparable to Listerine ls a

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Fort Wayne J. M. Sc., 1884-5, iv, 47-51. Also: Proc.

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be presented by the Council on Physical Medicine of the

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