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eulation, and direct action upon the nervous centres, the functions of

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drupe) is cylindrical, often conical, covered with a thin

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by contact with the skin than the dry air, it will be of ser-

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diseased surfaces which give its highest value to. the nitrate; and, in

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normal temperatures. In line with this hypothesis, animals under

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teremia following total-body irradiation of laboratory animals.

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filtering, has been strongly recommended in chilblains, with or without

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virus infection in adult mice by cold. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol.

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ure of the skin, adds to its usefulness ; and sometimes, when the breath

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the support of Parliament towards enforcing what is neces-

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perfect intermittent, to be increased by the use of quinia; I have not

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lowing anecdote, given by Sir Walter Scott (I believe) in his amusing no-

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The situation becomes more confusing when one looks at the

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There is another important consideration in regard to the relative dose

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of the joints, white swelling, scrofulous sores, and strumous

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of view a return with interest. Animals which are fed entirely

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1S57, v. 46.) Consequently its harmlessness is fairly asoribable to its incombusti-

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a multitude of lives. Philip II. died overrun with vermin.

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permits himself to have passage at these long intervals, or

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there may be a suspicion of ulcers in the small intestines. In these cases,

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, with bcftotifiil and coii$pimo¬ę$ io vei^ which, from thii'ir p^nlmr

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be reared with the spoon, the milk of the cow should not

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perfectly to water. Tlieir active constituents are volatile oil, a bitter

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tion than even the river bath. It ought to be the only do-

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I once daflj. and the bladder shouM be well washed oat with wann

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quence of greater or less exposure to the same degree of solar

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possibility of a future state ; and however distress-

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portance as concerns the use of the present class of medicines ; for they

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of suffering from cold during the night ; and by laying off

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nixfed in the Bntish Pharmacopceia, and directed to be prepared by dis-

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counter prescriber, and not alone in practice, but in

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After what has boon stated above, little remains to be said on this

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^especiidlv in acute rheumatism, in which it has been supposed to exe

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conditioD of the alijuentary canaJ. It was as a remedy in diarrhoea that |

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with due effect, and preferably of the pilular form; the object being that

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