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him, on the day of his arrival in that city, about twenty-four hours after
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recommendation predicated upon the commonly received doc-
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membrane and the external ligament may be torn. As soon as the
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straightening the leg by the removal of a wedge-shaped piece of the
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The diabetic symptoms returned more severely than ever; and he
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ficiency Virus • Post-lumbar Puncture Headache • Low
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appearance of the venous hum is evidence that the anaemic condition is
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10 from asphyxia, and 1 from asthenia. Sequelse occurred in
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The unfortunate patient is chilled ; his teeth chatter, —
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the use of quinine in fevers. St. Louis M. & S. J.. 1847, v,
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has shown that the edge of the liver may be involved in the epigastric
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nature. Hence it is not difficult to realise that, in some epileptics, acute
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Etiology. — Like simple ulcer in the same situation, a malignant
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physician who wrote that review now believes in the specific
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what's .always got snakes in his pockets. This summer
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The intranasal operation, except where contra-indicated as
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largest are the size of lentils ; thej^ are round or somewhat irregular in
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doubtful epidemics of preceding ages. Remarks like "vix unus
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exception of the posterior rim of tlie os calcis, the compact tis-
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investigated by Bottomley there was a history of tuberculosis in 2 only.
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The fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test
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distance of two miles. In five days the wound was healed, and he left the hos-
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Secondary antemia is very common in childhood. It may be congenital,
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India: a question for Parliament. Ihid., 1893, iv, 221;
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very close affinity in the pathological elements of all venereal maladies.
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serratus posticus inferior, iliocostalis and longis-
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with class II findings on Papanicolaou smears that have per-
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syndrome was widely accepted as a clinical illness and soon
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"Her journal bears unmistakably the stigmata of mental
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Rheumatic, Sick and Nervous— will be kept in mind in the treatment of
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clinic Hospital, where he was also an instructor in surgery.
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In . the discussion it was suggested that the hfemorrhage was due to

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