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Dr. Heywood Smith said that between thirty and forty years ago he

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cases of pregnancy, analyzed by Spaeth, afforded only two examples of

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healthy skin left. In a smaller number of cases the extension is

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character of a specific for ague. Many articles have

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tension, the wall slightly sclerotic. The cardiac dulness was slightly increased

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washed animal charcoal. After this it may be filtered and concentrated

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with few and simple convolutions in a very small proportion com-

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4 in.) ileum for gangrene from incarceration, healing by

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ordered him tartar emetic. On the day following, (the sixth,)

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or convulsive form of the disease. Ergotismus does not occur in America

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the interior of the lung tissue showed a fine, more or less complete injection of liquid fat,

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between the pharmacy and medical professions. The attention of the mem-

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(about 58 per cent.) of these diphtheria-bacilli were found to be present; in

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ssimilation was more than 15.6 gm. per kilo of dog weight.

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opbth. Gesellsch., Stuttg., 1882, xiv, 178-183. Also, transl.

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a proper fusion can be brought about, I am strongly in favor of it;

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corpuscles poikilocytes. Their resistance to destructive agencies may be

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to say what was its microbe, and to demonstrate its presence in the

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in the Speaker’s opinion, objected to the report as a

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bottom of a saucepan just large enough to contain the beef,

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intermittent. The liver is very often enlarged, especially m

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cannot breed unless they can come to the surface of

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matter ejected was at first acid and afterwards bitter, varying in colour

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must be sent to the Committee at least one month before the

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Some able and well-known surgeons of the day tell you that if

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to the left auditory word-centre, is the explanation that Lichtheim gives

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* While these are very universally true, they are not accepted by pathologists as absolute criteria.

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The annual meeting of the Academy took place in the

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*Booth, Wilbur H., 172 Genesee St., Utica, Oneida Co. Original.

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poison. But how and where does the poison act ? Some believe that it

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with potassium iodide. In each instance above, after the sixty minutes'

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tained. It cannot be disputed that a large number of

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Air moving at 1.5 feet per second — 1.0 mile an hour — imperceptible.

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of this distilled oil." It is thought particularly useful against

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its consequent relaxation, draws into action, hy func-

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He improved, and went into the countr3% where, at the end of a fort-

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horse or dog. In the larger domestic animals the great thickness

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is certainly very encouraging that 33 cases can be re-

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