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such from the beginning, but there is reason for believing that some

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the generative apparatus, and especially of the external organs, which are

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During the last Session of Parliament an Act was passed, com-

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deaths. Hence the conclusion that grippe is manifestly

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gestion, the body becoming contaminated with its own ex-

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as to give entire satisfaction, not only to the whole Asso-

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ing this case among those referred to by Dr. Binnie, may be found in

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Dr. Olav E. Rodli was born in Nordland, Norway, December 8, 1867, and

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spatial relations, e.g., the adaptation board, and the finger-

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1908. Jaxeway, Theodore C, 36 West 40th St., Xew York.

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ly as I can although I will try to be elab- municable. The diseases of this group .-ire

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of the instrument, I apprehend that in its present form at least, how-

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Of this remarkable affection, hitherto undescribed, and which I

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set on fire, and allowed to burn away so as to form a superficial

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have a letter from Dr. Taylor, which I will ask the Secretary

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feels plainly somewhat forcible touching of the soles of the feet ;

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hospital stays, pain and psychological upset, and the usual

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increasingly involved in occupational or industrial health.

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Cā€” Et simplex et secura est: quotidie matutino tempore quum

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grade movement in medical education, and may establish such

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and Ranvier, in their Manuel d' Anatoniie Pathologique, taking experiments as

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both be involved even in a lesion which is mainly unilateral. The above

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which I hold in my hand ā€” the last great plea of Gov. Andrew, for which he

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insist that Johnstown should now try to make itself entirely

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pyloric infection had evidently fed, but not quite recently. The other

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never saw one kidney alone involved, or of Kiimmell, who says that in the

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obliquely to prevent light going through the fissures formed

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upon the membrane of the air-passage would not be toler-

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June with tuberculous dactylitis of the left middle finger.

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phasize, and that is prompt action in all cases of ante-parhtm hemorrhage

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calculi in .the kidney or ureter. The Tjocation of Foreign Bodies is discussed

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their work wholly by chemotaxis. We know that the alveolar

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ance, and to the touch resembling a great number of nodes of

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three or four times, and been arrested only by pressure on tlio

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style the method of agreement, he has endeavored to comply with the

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Orchidaceae ; (8) Zoology: General Classification of the

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The period of incubation is generally firom eight to twelve

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lower edge of the bone had gi-adually attained more than a quarter

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