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and ignores the fundamental physiological, biologi-

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guanin and adenin is readily explained, since these substances are

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Fig. 2 1 author 1 shows the relation of the duodenum transversum, pancreas, celiac

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stance of ill consequences supposed to be due to the in-

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stage of strumous pyelitis, its pelves and the calyces being dis •

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in the anatomical specimens accompanying the memoir, that, if the uterus alone

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Prodromes. — In some instances certain prodromes, such as malaise,

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ary finger which might be regarded as a thumb. The left

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Great, we can sit down and weep because there are no more

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refer them to the newspapers and starting journals. An old and rich

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gradually increasing doses of strychnia until doses of 4 grain

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2.26 ; average for ten days on starch diet, grains, 11.12.

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1 case was it extensive. In 3 cases there were not distinct foci of necrosis,

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for the presence of highly swollen optic discs. The sopor deepened

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in the porpoise and in man, a^ji^th|J|^so|'^fldschmidt'5

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a fluid ; but, on opening them, you would be disappointed as to the

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name of hemitonia apoplectica to the unilateral in-

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Some of these cells, the so-called transitionals, stand out from all

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prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

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general results which were arrived at. Dr. Young concludes that the soil

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with a tympanic cannula, by removing granulations, and by ex-

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main fact is, if I want to look exactly north, I must set my compass so

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erence Committees as currently titled. Changing the Ref-

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