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of comparative philology, as all dialectical glossaries are.

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weather. Children and young adults are most susceptible to the dis-

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been effected in the methods of instruction. Much more

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The prognosis of chronic middle-ear suppuration may

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disappearance of Khicose from the urine, was etherijied and the al)-

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need be apprehended, and, if it was established, it was in many

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The patient, a man, aged 39, was admitted into St. Greorge's

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ing month of July or August. Very attractive offer.

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line of the occipital bone at a deeper level than the sterno-mastoid.

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amount of ammonium is present, indicating an increase of organic acids.

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side to the other, with a slight curvature of the axis. After

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8 St. 2 lbs., his height being 5 ft. 6| in. ; he stated that three

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what is apo-amitriptyline 10 mg used for

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light. There is no intricate machinery to secure its

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diminution of the reflexes originating beneath the lesion shows either

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Fitzgerald, John F., State Custodial Asylum, Rome, Oneida Co.

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is the cast it makes. If convenient, I put a white stocking over the

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tics and Arrangement of Mechanisms. Margaret A. Cleaves, M.D.,

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8th December — Marked improvement : no signs of inflamed

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the improvement of private water supplies. Even at that, there has

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is the same as in other luetic conditions, and should be boldly

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to two factors, one the pasteurization of the milk sup-

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proximating only in a useful direction to the monomaniac.

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whole shadow of the pelvic outlet is cast upon the plate.

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chest was poorly developed and somewhat flat, poor expansion at

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latter part of which she was an out-patient, coming in at intervals to be ojjerated

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cessful teachers. We doubt, moreover, whether students who habitually have

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The old method was to put a pipe into one nostril, and then,

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dilatation on the front of the bowel about 1 inch in diameter, where

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must tell you that occasionally very deep ones afford

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Wunderlich has related at some length a remarkable case, in which both the course

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The third volume of Byam and Archibald's practice of tro])ical

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nosis of gastric cancer. I have but little faith in the practical value

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Course, Duration, and Termination. — Amyloid kidney is an essen-

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comes to the conclusion that poli/arthritis rheuma-

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litixjiug a rule ot practice. Tiie cases to which they apply can-

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Benjamin Jesty, a Dorchestershire farmer, in 1774 successfully vac-

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D. D., on the Attitude of Physicians and Scientists toward the Tem-

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The close association of tuberculosis and alcoholism has

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