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in interstitial nephritis. One of three explanations is possible: (1) The
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expresses confidence in Dr Edmonds, head of the Health Board.
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It also sent delicate strands everywhere in between the liver
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harm. It should, however, usually be possible to avoid
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relation to that in the spinal cord. The optic nerves when atrophied
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also the lips, which may be cracked and bleed. With the giving of large
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the stern discipline which is so prominent a feature in the lives
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Microscopic examination of the tumor showed it to be composed
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cities, with two universities of their own, of a design to gi-ant
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son and others to congestion produced in this way by pathological con-
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alternated with <> table-spoonful of clear brown soup every two hours. K Solutionis
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of wood alcohol blindness and an analysis of 12 cases of blind-
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believed to occur physiologically. They constitute the form in which
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an area about the size of the palm of the hand which appeared thickened
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grant and confer the degree of doctor of medicine, upon the
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partial laceration of the perineum was made in delivering the posterior
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the spirit and rub in a mortar with the addition of the
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And this sympathetic affection of distant parts is sometimes
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dim centuries of the past. The results are apparent
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1,025 pounds. It was taken from Hugo to Fort Collins to continue
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ural forces, which never have, and never can, effect
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tive in 659 castas and both negative in 1005. From a study of 1000
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He relished the fat. His hunger was allayed. During a period
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prevailed between the different members of the class, and between the
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Causation — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment. Subacute Laryngitis. Chronic Laryngitis.
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of cases this view is the correct one. In conclusion, he urges

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