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rect my patients to immerse the finger into the salve-pot,

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at the age of 21, but cannot present himself for examination at the

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the reaction would require the use of a greater variety of structurally

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patient's need for services generally available only in a hospital

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the writings of that extraordinary man would then have been as

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This jiatient died on the 3d of A]>ril, a victim of erysi|>elas, which attacked

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tendency to increase of water, urea, and chloride of sodium.

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four hours a pulse was faintly perceptible at the wrist, and

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fuse nasal diwharge, some laryngeal obstruction, and marked cervi-

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perchloride of iron in a little hydrocliloric acid^ and the beautiful

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lution (bichloride gauze) is proposed as the single dressing material.

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tion. In many cases of typhoid fever it does not rise

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mane treatment and good nursing might have been fol-

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Hospital. The Orcani/.ation of the Koosevelt.. . . 48

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of varicella. About two weeks after recovery tlie mother

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it would have been to prevent contraction of the ham-

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gushed out. A tube entering the fifth intercostal space and

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post-eruptive lesions alone, at a time greater than two

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formal recognition to conspicuous merit or long profes-

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and the combination of crude mercury, fresh squills, and digitahs. Of piu--

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examinations. From these it seems probable that there was gradually

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The Physician-Citizen of the Year award is presented annually based on

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with many tapeworms, the other two with a few. It would appear,

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dency, Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City.

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sponding quarters, but, as usual, showed an excess in the

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ever, by making gradual but firm traction m the perpen-

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Frogfnosis. — In acute cases, good ; iu chronic cases, or ^Ji/^ V

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Counter will be explained. Demonstrations will show

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sire, however, to apologize to you for my very imperfect

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the release of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. 3 It has

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the wound, sometimes the permeability of the veins, at others the existence of

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syncope produced by heat and over-exertion are reckoned among cases in

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sitated an extra session of the Board to accommodate applicants for

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of his inspection over a number of years, was to reduce these percentages

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biy prove equally or more eflectual. — Ibid. | divided the cervix on both sides freely quite

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Few physiologists, we imagine, will concur in this opinion.

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delle malattie di petto, e covumentaij sullo stesso

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distended and tender; the spleen is found to be swollen. The association of

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Hamel, Du paludisme dans le canton d'Evran. Th. d. P. 1894, No. 275.

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