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the OS had softened and expanded immensely, a single sweep of the

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Breinl, .\., AND HiXDLE, E. 1909. "Observations on the Life History of Trypa-

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the poison are even more quickly manifested than in death from

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= 87 Uric Acid, C10H4 N4 O4 (bibasic) Cg H4 N4 O2 jO = 16

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that time I again applied the perchloi'ide of iron as before, and

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harmful. Babcock agrees with Broadbent and gives digitalis freely in

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part, and drew blood. This, I believe, is just the sort of case which

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being most marked with pneumonic serum. Achard, Ramond,

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42 — paralleled very closely the control pigs in this infection;

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local or focal diagnosis as well as a bacteriologic one. This in many

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have noticed that patients invariably take more than I allow them.]

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in a garrison hospital for various catarrhal affections of the upper air passages, rheu-

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I trust to be able to show that they are preferable to, and less con-

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and are an important means of not only banishing ennui, but of

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was delayed for some time in consequence of the ankle-joint upon

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kefir (contraindicated in hyperacidity), condensed milk, Goghurt, and

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described, have occuiTcd in my practice during the last few years,

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reduced until the patient begins to lose weight, because it is easier to

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chemical affinity, electricity, magnetism, heat, and gravitation, were

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getically to stimulate the cutaneous circulation and to get rid of the

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12-hour culture intraperitoneally on September 30, igio. It died within 18 hours

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the cavalry regiment kept sober. The same treatment was pursued

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I. Dr Watson then showed a testicle which he had removed at the

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there were 25 men above 35 ; of these 12 died the first year.

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one swelling over the malar prominence on the left side had ruptured

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Heart Stimulants and Narcotics. — ^Naturally, in many acute cases

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chloride to the food results in an increased secretion of urine and an

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will be happy to answer any questions that may be put. But in

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Heakt Stimulants. — A variety of drugs may also be employed, the

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be rapidly and extensively propagated to the spinal cord, and thence,

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munication. It does not always follow the same route ; after flow-

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round and in our cantonments may be of service. It has been shown

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