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ducing no symptoms except pain and somnolence. (2) A.
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and painful illness. He was a man of studious disposition,
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state however that the most important of these conclusions
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a aeries of 4 cases of empyema following pneumonia in
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board and residence. Applications to the Secretary by May 22nd.
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■ European and several Oriental languages spoken.
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weakness and diminished sensibility, so that it was almost
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.51 deaths from cholera have occurred at torient on the north-westerBi
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I against 321, 423, and V-t> at the end of the preceding three weeks ;
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were carefully searched for the presence of pus, and none was
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and two of the children survived. Abdominal section was
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experiments made by Dr. Cohen, of the Yorkshire College.
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two waterclosets. The only means of ventilation is through
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is or is not protected by vaccination and revaccination.
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registration in a Ciovernment office. The terms of such
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reforms for improving the public health of Belfast. The more efficient
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— Dr. A. H. Clemow showed a woman suffering from Skin
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ture of military surgery; and Dr. Jacob' Moleschott, Professor
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Cambridge, will give a dinner in the College Hall on June
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support the idea that they are products of the tissue itself.
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seem to draw increased attention to the absolute necessity

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