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(tuberculosis over the years should probably be credited
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and this no doubt had a beneficial effect, and I would
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them. The Association of Alembcrs is rather more am-
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l)e stopped by styptics. We cannot apply pressure, and
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Thursday's meeting a delegate offered a resolution that in
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longue has often noticed this thickening of the femur in
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ventricle a reddish prominence could be seen, on in-
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in the University of Strasburg. Translated and edited by AUGUSTUS A.
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ing large uterine tumors with extensive adhesions, which
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whether exhaustion with red cells would deprive the serum of a
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the umbilicus. In the one case we have the referred pain in the
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in mind the possibility of a sarcoma developing from the connective
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to the same extent. Some cancer ceils from actively
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the two schools of which they are the outgrowth. The one
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assert its principles, no more sustains the true character of
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insensible without previous complaint. Dr. Gibbes has known
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had no appetite, comiDlained of frontal headache and edema is more marked.
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relieve the symptoms caused by nasal obstruction, we do not destroy any
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is now in the possession of the New York Academy of
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symptoms. For the present, pentosuria is of interest chiefly as an
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specific gravity of the pregnant uterus with contents, like that of other
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used in the experiments. Pfeiffer 8 was unable to produce a bacteremia

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