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♦Atlas op Skin Diseases. By Louis A. Duhring, M. D. Part V.

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infected. If we knew malaria better we would have, in all probability,


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he twenty-first day of the disease, after almost every

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1. Men training strictly for athletics of various kinds.

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followed to a conclusion. In two of them which had not been

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by an incision between the leaflets, is a matter upon which

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the arterial flow was gradually turned on. Thus, raising the ar-

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Head. The hair is abundant and normal. The eyes are normal, the

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material gain, partly because treatment was omitted for

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1. Pip ipepnep (leje *j p aclnllep }>ap pypte punbe.

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Anatomy. — In order that we may recognize the disease

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mania, and the hallucinations associated Iwith the attacks 6f

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A probe should be wrapped with sufficient absorbent cotton

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commenced, weak peiistatic movements'occurred, though occasionally

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in surgery? And what shall be said in extenuation of that Church

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smelling pus. We believe that the walls of the-e cavities broke down

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that the science of optics is every day contributing more to our know-

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intact, although the aortic and mitral valves are somewhat thickened. The

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