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helow the svstolie preN>ure. these oseillations will he ohserved to inerea-M

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That the cause of goitre is ingested with drinking water is a very old belief.

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of search among patients. Kocher, by continued observation, found all

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Of other alterations that have been observed in the parathyroids may

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the behavior of the artery witii the iiul.satinfr movement of a spriiii;

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A sensitiveness to cold (cryeesthesia) is regarded by some as unusually

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nation of serpentaria with it in infusion, adding a

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'■uttin^. or st.mnlati.ifr the various nerve roots throuirh wliich the IIIm ,'.

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trary to such an hypothesis. It was found that the pereeiifasre of O .

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lower tension ot i.'(). to overstep the threshold of e\cilaliilit\ of the re-

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* Commentaries on the History and Care of Disease^ 1803, second edition.

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Congestion is often more conspicuous in the goitrous thyroid than in the

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Voegtlin it becomes imperative to put all patients with tetany upon treatment

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sexcral other forms of a|i|>aratils, of which those of I-", (i. jiencdiet and "l

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With few exceptions inflammation of the ureter occurs only in association

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R. L. Thompson has found degenerative or sclerotic processes in the para-

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however, to have a very evident hemorrhage which lasts a few days, and is

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important. The bowels should be kept open, although not loose enough to

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tively demanded, and may, on the one hand, show an entirely negligible

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I'm- an nmli'isiamlin- .if th.' naliir ' Tlii- lirst is lliat if

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symptoms, with relative improvement in summer and relapse in winter,

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urines from the two kidneys obtained simultaneously. The functional

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In such cases the urine voided in three glasses shows pus in all three, and

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average figure, causes an appearance of swelling. Many cases of this

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also increase its flow. Sodium theobromine salicylate (diuretin), in doses of

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as to the wisdom of permitting the one doubtful risk to become one of a large

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develop in rarefied anil compn -sed air. Either condition can he pro-

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this type the attemjit has heen made to show that the heart of dialiel

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.iinouiif varyiiii,' eoiisiderahly dnrini; tlm dilTereiit hours of the day. The

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tant facts r^arding the histology of the goitre in Graves' disease will be

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liio neck. This lies iininedintely ali'ive the inner end ul' llie clavicle.

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o, ,ilaced structures. ( »n the other hand, in forced resiiiratioii and ii

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on the affected side, ureter catheterization may sometimes be dispensed

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'l<>l!<'--ti.m. Hx,.,.,,t Ml„.n this (..•.•iirs tli,. (^|{.S-T c.nii.U.x is flio ncnrin^

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development varies much. Walking is delayed (e. g,, to the fourth year).

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