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xiot be kept in a state of permanent insensibility from chloroform.

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trance to the vagina, and on the neck of the womb, in women ; and it

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tion or entire defect of one-half, or approaching one-half,

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cells which, instead of being purely hyalin, contain the fol-

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rabbit were cut up and submitted to a pressure of from

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moves about, which is usually the case ; we must then try to quiet it by suckling

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arsenic from the air. c. Two bulb apparatuses, containing a solution

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than uncircumcised nations, prone to venereal ailments,

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said town, or upon the steps of any said conveyances or buildings,

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very foul. A suprapubic cystotomy was done to drain the

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plea of the defence that the hospital was not liable, as

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would say, that the patient, F. W. , had had syphilis. He had

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cent case, in which the effect Upon uterine hemorrhage produced by the

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Actinomycosis Cured by Internal Medication with Potassium

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•was kept up for a long time. One member suggested that the

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sion — Vascular System; Injuries of Veins — Vas-

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the power of the heart's action, is useful in preventing heart-clots. This

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short intervals or in too great quantity at one time. The

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alternate movements of the diaphragm and the walls of the thoracic cavity.

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Bell, the act of smelling is not simply the exposure

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(ENOG) is usually performed using bipolar stimulation

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certain conditions of the lung, assume a peculiar harshness, which, to

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extent than the right. The epigastrium is prominent, owing to the depres-

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eration the proof of defloration ; its presence or absence the test of the vir-

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;iiid then it was a sporing bacillus, the infection having

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H. Pfuetze, superintendent of Mineral Springs Sana-

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relieved by the exhibition of salicylates, phenacetin, or, in severe

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taken the lead in this useful Btudy- witness Bell, Conolly, and

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of this dangerous complaint of parturient women occurred in

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system or that system of education would be at present per-

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