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diabetic patient in whom phimosis of two months' duration was cured by
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ing some motion to the toes ; for alternating contrac-
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.acid diathesis had its foundation in the imperfect
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that it is possible for them to take up their usual occupation.
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^ I " ^ ^ Location: Omni International Hotel, Union
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explanation rests with the physics of heat interchange between the body
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or counteract a foul odor. They are not necessarily anti-
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the last of whom devised the term. It was not, how-
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sections through the hindmost region of the stomach, was stained with
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must be those which Dr. Winters had spoken of — pneumonia,
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patients the jaws only measure three-quarters of an inch. The
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of circulation and respiration, female organs of generation, and
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the subject and arranging it in such a form that the reader, be
i^mptoms of incubating syphilis. Since the treatment of syphilis demands prolonged therapy with any
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tors are not responsible for the views of contributors
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Experiment 4. — The following experiment shows how the structure of the
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alveolar oxygen pressure of a little more than 16 mm. so that the
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principles, may be said to have died a natural death, and we can
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very great usefulness for the use of light in nervous dis-
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change in the meinbrana tympani or the Eustachian tube, and thus might
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or body. The rope may have given way, and the person, in falling, have
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William L. Medford, Jr., M.D., is a 1968 graduate of Temple University
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interest the readiness with which, on proof so slender, the surgeon
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much for a peep ahead to see what surgeons of fifty
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excitement. 5. Systematised delusions with hallucinations. 6. Im-
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142, the percussion results alone are not always sufficient to decide
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The sources of these odors are: foul breath, decaying teeth, unclean
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the obtructed artery be of smaller size, or the inflammation be
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grave cases, but occasionally they are slight and but little marked in cases
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vent large fecal accumulation, because the mechanical pressure will keep
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said that Dr. Winter had been correct in the state-
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observations. Definitions of diseases are therefore not only of

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