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hands of trained workers. It may be questioned whether any of the

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between 4.3 and 4.5. Five showed a reaction of from 5.0 to 5.3;

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more than creep about his house by hold of the furniture or the stair rail.

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of urine. 2. The knowledge of the account of carbohydrotes in

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origin of its principal branches, and hence other and more complicated procedures

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the ocean to the lakes, from the mountains and the plains,

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Facts afterwards came to the knowledge of the police, which

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braced by brain, culture and character; from my experience here,

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is an adult. In addition to other cases reported, Dr. Geoghegar of XiveSool

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importance of absolute rest in bed. In bad cases the foot of the bed should

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handled with forceps and cut to the proper shape with

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too, these phenomena were ascribed to the anaemia of

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illness and death in our society. The highly addictive nature

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lege of Physicians should relinquish their right to qualify

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cases will not differ materially from those produced

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AMA and USP Seek Physician Assistance in Preventing Medication

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tinguishable. Griesinger, however, strongly dissents

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dog-nose. It is also found occasionally in China and the Malay

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Ip we carefully consider the intimate processes of disease, we cannot &il

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the examiner's familiarity with the results of precise

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formed in the region of the gall bladder without any signs in the

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sirability of having it done, even while expressing a sen-

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tedious labor the patient Avas exhausted and so was the physi-

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and consisted of slight degenerative changes in the

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