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to abandon the almost axiomatic truths which the wisdom of
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ally, except on the head, falls otf ; the voice be-
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lymphoma Task Force. He also collaborated with the NIAID in a study of
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system, and can any one, with such palpable evidence before him, hesi-
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ed nasal mucous membrane, etc. "When paroxysms are brought on by
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that of a gentleman who had been out of health for some
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The headache, muscular pain, vomiting, tender abdomen, and splenic
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atrophy. Indeed, with the exception of a case reported by Laquer, in which
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party advocating a depleting or antiphlogistic course, and the other a
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whole, to prove an improvement. Its extension to all the
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Physiologic studies on men undertaking to live at high altitude,
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this manner having first heard the two distinct sounds well characterised,
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4th July 1910. Lauder, Lancet, loth March 1904, and Annual Report of th«
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Woman's Hospital of Brooklyn, and I performed laparotomy on
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having been suspected by themselves or by their phy-
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taken, a tablespoonful at a time, every ten or fifteen minutes, till
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rence in the real substance of the tissue of the special changes
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retinoscopy (q.v.), or subjective tests. For the latter it is customary to
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would have added much to the 'educational value of the
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M. Peron took the opportunity of his communication with so
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of the first attack of scarlet fever. 3. This includes all those
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that those subject to gout were especially susceptible to lead
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vaginated portion of the scrotum, and thus forming a permanent
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gan, Saint Paul, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. R. L. J.
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confined to the very young. It shows itself in the form of
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muscle tissue of the broad ligament, separating the broad ligament
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disease of the second kidney, or the presence of tuber-
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disorders. Hydrochloric acid is useful in fever, to relieve
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but not much, increased. The only expla- | had fortold, she bore very considerable pres-
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considerable number of individual diseases hereafter to be considered.
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or Algiers, there to recover fit>m their supposed laryngeal catarrh or
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cimens were inspected by Mr. A. B. Stirling, assistant in the
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structure of an alcohol; it is represented by the formula: CeHgO^
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U. S. Weather Bureau, San Diego; Hugh D. Vail. Santa Barbara; A. Ashenberger, M. B. DeVane
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mittee be appointed, consisting of five members from the staffs of

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