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occur at any jx^riod of the disease, but it is most common at the crisis of

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mountain side, where there was no other house near and the air

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prison, apparently become to a great extent free from the meningo-

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tendency more than yon have in the robust and strong. , Then,

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operative, I injected half a drachm of glycerine, which

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like to term fear of injury, and that causes a diminution of resistance

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scesses of hepatitis are generally single. Out of 66 cases

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view, and everything conspires to simplify the pro-

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of Hiss on special media for the differentiation of the typhoid

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Fig. 1. — Anterior view of the spine showing the in-egnlar formation

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3. If urea or urea nitrate be boiled with NaOH or KOH, ammonia is liberated.

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munity, and we frequently hear men declare and act upon

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5iss. M. Sumat pro potu ex aqua indies. June 2d. — Ulcers looking more healthy.

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that in diseases of the joints connected with progressive loco-

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atmosphere excites the cells of the alveoli to absorption, at a

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Deutsche tiu-ditiiiisc I'lr W'oclu-nscJirtft. July 12. tgoo.

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the whole into the abdomen, is a very safe and satisfactory

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presence of the infecting principle in the blood, in the tears, in the secre-

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sending his cases to a hospital affected him, and he said that at

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iris, and thus increase the chances of posterior synechia?.

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hand quickly. The man injured in war is frequently suffering from

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the mouth. In other cases I have introduced water into

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obscure, as typhoid fever, pneumonia, rheumatism, epidemic

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toms first obtruded on our notice as sequelae of a scarlatina

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tion is the multiformity of the lesions manifested in

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Avhen moved l)y a screw at their proximal end. Tlieir

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incision was enlarged. The tiny opening in the skull was enlarged

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dampness and its relation to phthisis mortality in the fifty-eight districts

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assed by doubts of their own scepticism. Let us contemplate the

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haemorrhage from the torn cervix is most marked where the pelvis is large (because

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Medical Society submits for the consideration of the

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