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or is proved, or indeed is even admitted by the defense, it
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late, but in vain. The cold douching was cuutiimcd at least thirty
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species of Leishmania from the standpoint of growth on various culture
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short straw or chaff around it, which is to be removed as soon
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instead of acquiring this tolerance and knowledge by actual flying
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am unable to explain : unless it be admitted that 1 substances in the circulating blood do to fibrin,
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in Persia along the Euphrates and Tigris, and was introduced
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symptom. As such, it enters into the clinical history of acute albim^
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elty and of uselessness which a few men have recently put
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must always have in mind while treating severe fractures. Amputation I leave out of
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much relieved that the patient slept all night, which she had
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served only in Thomsen's disease (myotonia congenita). In this affec-
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ological Chemistry for those who are desirous of devot-
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L. P. Clarke, of the Craig colony of epileptics, as noted in
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y. Deen and Guttmann were much too feeble to produce any efiect.
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Cremasteric, abdominal, and epigastric, active. Deep retlexes could not be
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seven were from i to 3 years younger. XIV, 44, was a girl, the
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development of several Tuberculosis Control Centers in
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have its charge reversed as it would if it met a more acid medium, and it
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he had used collodion, painting a band an inch or two wide
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h&uds of connective tissue, and fresh attacks are constantly
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stricture without breaking the instrument in some of the more severe cases.
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does not procure that complete absence of all muscnbr
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duck as one of disease. It reminded me of a somewhat similar cir-
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HoLLisTER, of Chicago, read a paper with this title.
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blood. For instance, diphtheria, tetanus, and other antitoxins
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M. Beffel and J. W. Coon was appointed to consider the question of
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means of the quill, all continuity by means of the solids being
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(fibrinous plastic material) ; this had assumed the
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when any kind of manipulation is undertaken. Further,
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of rheumatic arthritis, endocarditis, or chronic valvular disease, and the
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Not present iverc: Drs. Karl B. Pace, Sr. 1941-42; Corbett E. Howard,
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three times a day. Bathe the wound with hot water for an hour
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men down for the sake of their regimental buttons. After havin^
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up the recto-vaginal septum for fully an inch. On inserting
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the epiglottis, or on the epiglottis, or in the larynx. At such
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vertebral angle, the ballottement was produced by pushing in the costo-iliac space.
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is the only one in which a typical attack of yellow
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ular, to >{a^t^6n^ vegetables, etc., to pastry or acid things, to excessive

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