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order to understand the disease and to give relief. The oculist

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ments ^Instruments de Prtctsion"). Is this to be interpreted

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masterful and exhaustive manner, unfortunately our treatment

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control animals withstood perfectly nine drops of the virus. The same

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streng-th of our ultra-reformers. immediately see that the main business

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early withdrawal of the exudate the pressure atelectasis may be relieved

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expected considering the amount of blood he had vomited.

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other forms of antacids, and may we not presume that this is nature's

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Misce : fiat mistura, de qua cap. cochl. ij. ampla horis iutermediis.

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enormously increased in size: beginning a short dis-

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Missouri physicians with 10% or fewer patients cov-

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chlorid and nitrogen in each two-hour portion from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m., and in

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from fetuses, and from lower animals. Additional evidence

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was based upon antecedent experience, was newly corroborated by the in-

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walked through the halls of the Children's Hospital, rode on the

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for this medium. Kligler recommends P H 7.8-8.0 for the construction of

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recovered, became composed, and fell into a sound sleep. It was sup-

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most of the diverse appearances which I have myself en-

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outlook. Science has taught alienists a superior treat-

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A very singular case of unsuspected pregnancy is related by Dr. Jno. Shortt.

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means poor improvement in function, and relapse. Securing proper

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is this : Major Byam has remarked on the difficulty of making a laboratory

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guage which he is impelled to utter does not really be-

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this does take place, often leaves an imperfect cicatrix. The dry

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affords a natural and appropriate basis for a system of

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lesions in the liver. One must individualize, however: in some eases

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which stain with difficulty. It is necessary to allow the dried and

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both of mind and body, accompanied in persons naturally active with a

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fuse the intellectual phenomena to be placed within the scope of

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gastro-enterostomy was, in 145 cases, a little over twelve

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irritated, the odier directly responds with a similar sense

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