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is no reason to believe that the reaction is in error. The remainder

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is concerned, it is true that it is better taught by a

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freezing and death of a portion. In a day or two the ear will

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modic contraction of the muscles, was distinguished by the old French

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This gradually got well and the patient left the hospital

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Dr. J. Baxter ri)hain, in his aceount of an epitleujic of ( -erehro-Spinal MeuinpitJ^'

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at times form peculiar bodies termed pyknidas, consisting of a hollow

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in the abdomen ; after a fall 1 week ago the cramps became

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the appendix, its contents being only a mucous secretion, and I take it

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ebb. The powers of resistance are lacking, hence the large ulcers

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ment within his own limited circle of vis- fraction of an eye beginning to converge in

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views ^ of heredity are based upon his theory of organic evolution. Two

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as attending surgeon, is suspended until further orders.

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the study of these subjects can be conducted with greater ease, and is

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Cystic Fibromyoma of the Uterus Wei^^hing 87 Pounds.

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lian rural district. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1898, ii, 424.— Trat-

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frequently repeated, to the great advantage of the pro-

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monary congestion. The general hot bath is good. ().\y-

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mentioned, chief among which. perhaj)s, are the cases

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healthy spots at the Cape.) Wliether a single English winter or

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mon ; the patient loses her voice oompletelj and speaks aaij in the fieeUest

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templation of that brilliant reputation, the full development of

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and produce one child in four albinic. Albino communities, of which

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in the State, by J. R. Black, M. D. ; the Relations of Epilepsy

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This would appear to be the tendency of at all events

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Dr. ViNET ; Mr. Fr-RSEWX Jobi>as ; Dr. Ligertwood ; Dr. McKav ; Dr.

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failure of one plan of treatment should merely lead us to

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then taken to the Clayton Hospital, where the dressings

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conclusive reason why health should be attributed to this habit ? "We know that

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ening. The boy walked with a crutch, partly bearing

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involuntary movements by the perlormancc of some voluntary one in

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both diseases, fifteen by 8mall-|X)x only, fifteen by tul)ercle only. A

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Dr. Walshe on the Nature and Treatment of Cancer. 385

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limbs, l^ain in either the l^ack or limbs, or iu both situations, is a pnnt

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in brief, anything and everything that militated against the health

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