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fever hospitals. In my former paper I quoted the following extracts

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r may be favourable or unfavourable ; if unfavourable, he maj r <

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ITIusser (J. H.) & Sailer (.1.) A case of Malta fever.

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under my observation, of a lad, nineteen years old, who

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and it is quite possible that at least two distinct disorders one an adenoma

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bear to each other simply the relation of different and not

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No. 33. Chapin (C. V.) The present .state of the germ

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The portion of the book which deals with the diseases of

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During the course of the discussion. Dr. Kelly stated

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his patient appealing and paying him for science and

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upon the back and belly, and cannot walk ; sixteen minutes after the first application of the

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cient, is the vapor bath, accompanied by frictions with castile soap, or

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by disease as to render a satisfactory demonstration

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certain cases, according to Albarran, the kidney is very large and studded

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proceeding in new areas that promise to be very productive. The highly regarded claims

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structure. The sequence of events was probably as follows :

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least, remain more or less an art, and success in the treat-

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In some cases of retrodisplacement we have a beginning pro-

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curred — all dating from the time of the acute cold (catarrhal pneu-

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Other physical signs there are still, varying in value and in

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blood (acapnia). Cohnheim believes there is a concentration of the

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important being the absence of nuclear membranes and the diffusion of the

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There was great general anasarca ; there was effusion into the serous

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workers in early life, because I have been so situated that college

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Next day. Dr. Youngblood looked wise and serious; he did not

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was from five to fourteen days. Considering the large

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Thorax. — On the right side intense and recent pleuritis,

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route of infection. A bed-sore developed, and this became

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were responsible for a few cases of the diseases occurring amongst our

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present in the stomach and in the cjpcum. Microscopical examina-

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