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an hour. Shortly after this the temperature will be observed to rise, and
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inches. Where the s[)]int passes over the instep the edges
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and falls off as a flat, hard, circular disk of an average diameter of 3
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Tlicrapeiitique, No. 3, i8gi : First period. — Keep the
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Some observers have found changes in the ganglion cells in the anterior
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Most suggestions for the local treatment of diphtheria have been con-
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have been inserted. The book is also profusely illustrated by
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volume of nearly 700 large pages. Extra cloth, $4 00; leather, $5 00.
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disease, the urine may present all the changes characteristic of a violent
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2 For bibliographical references see LOwenfeld's *' Electrotlier-
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successful defence of a society, established in 1833, to define
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acid and chlorine gas is done to destroy germs which cannot
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where hospital patients are confined is an important element in the genesis
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the fire, and powder. Sift, and use same as snuff. Salt and water
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A TributeT to Marion Sims. — L' Union Medicale of
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gaUus lamberti, but the loco plants are different species from those
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the Society, for their valuable services during the time
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fever of a high grade, with pains in the splenic region. There was
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Altitude. — Altitude per se has, apparently, no in-
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if manipulations within the uterine interior the disease may appear in a guise simulat-
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literature any decision as to a settled mode of treatment"
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point of fracture. Consequently, when a callus is formed, the dead
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sive accumulation of fluid, the constant upright position, the ulcerated
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1904 a. — Das Cere bralgangl ion und die LeibeshiJhle der Gordiiden <Zool. Anz.,
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thra, rectum, and bladder were removed en masse, and pre-
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a week after delivery. Cases of dangerous flooding or mortality
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unsaturated hydrocarbon under consideration all the iodine, as I have shown,
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nights afterwards, at the Surgical Society of Ireland, he spoka
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vascular lesions, particularly in high-risk patients in whom
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as the opportune moment to make a radical operation for the cure of the
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effects are manifested in the gums. The strangury thus induced is
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are now in this city, as Juan de Royas and Alonso de Valencia,

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