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observations, in malaria only) beyond any reasonable doubt.

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interest of his pupils for hours together, just as it would be

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fracture ; and there the majority of the cases of break

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no sooner swallowed than it was rejected, and the appHcation of the

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Murchison, who enlightened the medical world on the

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be disqualified from colkcling debts on that account The

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the limb was made ; and, the parts being ' quantity of sero-purulent fluid on both oc-

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is, varpng from a pin's head to a pea in size, and a similar granu-

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shall hot be read before the Academy unless the author of such a communica-

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weaker, and died on the evening of the 15th. His intellect

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longevity in civilized countries is gradually rising.

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cervical spine instability or the clear potential for it

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the very gra e subject which is involved in that letter would

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engorgement, producing an appearance of opacity in the tubuli without any recog-

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their privileges, and therefore opposed the measui-e.

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Treatment. There are two indications to be watched in all cases :

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system have led liira to believe that it is formed to some extent,

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that was sitting in the seat with this child, was taken with

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specimens, and in which are held the meetings of the Soci6t6 de Biolo-

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extent than the right. The epigastrium is prominent, owing to the depres-

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multiplication will require a certain progress of time, during which

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Landesberg, of Philadelphia, has made extensive use of iodoform in

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subscriber may omit particular volumes or sets of vol-

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The seven physicians are: J. Kirk Beebe, M.D., Lewes; James J. Dobson, M.D.,

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Lieutenant Morse will proceed to Vancouver Barracks for duty,

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the new plan, he has weighed from 150 to 160 pounds, according to his work.

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Dr. WTETti had operated seven years before, and the patient

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